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Is Your Package Logo Design Good?

Oct 22, 2018

A successful packaging box logo not only requires ideas or techniques. In general, a good package LOGO must follow the following guidelines:



1, the packaging box LOGO should be simple

Overly complex planning can create barriers to communication, so don't appear to be overcrowded in trademarks: if you combine oasis, flags, lines, golfers, island-shaped elements, divides, rings, curved fonts in one trademark, It has become a hodgepodge, which makes it hard to remember you. In fact, you only need a few elements to plan a more visually competitive trademark. Let people remember.


2, the packaging box LOGO should be eye-catching

Thin lines can play an outstanding role as a layout plan, but when used on a trademark, it is very weak due to:On the one hand, it is not clear to watch;On the other hand, too thin lines are simply broken or impossible to appear in various imitation processes. Although the above two trademarks are very similar, if the trademark is attached to a car driving in the city, the trademark on the first car cannot be seen clearly.


3, it is necessary to accurately convey the characteristics of the transaction

It sounds like a cliché, but sometimes when planners secretly admire their own ideas for their own ideas, they simply put some common sense things behind them.


5, packaging LOGO should have obvious characteristics, do not be satisfied with the ordinary.

Your company is unique and has a common corporate culture and mall management characteristics, so it is necessary to think carefully when designing a logo.


This is what We believes should be a successful brand logo design, and it is also the key to everyone's success.