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It Is A Straight-line Wave, Health Care Products Manufacturer Also Discovered This Box Han

Jan 08, 2018

It is a straight-line wave, health care products manufacturer also discovered this box Han

Junye Packaging box factory master recently to the new apprentice about 4 months of continuous class training health products packaging and printing knowledge points, in addition to some of the more professional health care products box manufacturers should have the quality of conservation, but also highlighted Recently, some apprentices who did not concentrate on the production of health care products led to the presentation of a straight line into a wavy line is the reason for what it is. However, some individual trainees always pay attention to leaving training to explain. In fact, before the news, Also described two reasons for the emergence of wavy lines, one is due to the drying time is too short, no dry ink squeeze squeeze into a straight line into a wavy line, there is the problem of raw materials will not repeat them here.


Health care products box maker's master left a group of apprentices, the emphasis on them all have a common mistake, macroscopically not careful enough, not every step of the process, improper operation, said microscopically Is the specific operational errors, the back exposure time does not meet the requirements, health care box manufacturers, the master know why these apprentices made the mistake is common, because the same batch of product production, the work record inside , See their registration records of operations, but also repeated analysis of defective products, know that these apprentices made the mistake of this back exposure operation.


Health care products box manufacturers since the mistake of this apprentice selected out, in the end this back-exposure is what the hell ah? In fact, the back exposure is a plate making process, because these apprentices before the actual operation, in addition to follow the health care products box maker master study, but also simulation operation, although the cost is not high, but the number of people, the cost will be higher , But this can effectively find out if there is any problem with these apprentices or just as if the apprentices were found out of control of the back exposure for the time being because the back of the exposure would be less than adequate , It is easy in the printing process of mechanical impact, these boxes will be a straight line into a wavy line.


Fortunately, this health care box manufacturer can find out these shortcomings of these apprentices through these simulations in time, which is relatively rare in Guangzhou health care products carton manufacturers, because these problems are enough if actually put into production Affect the health care products box manufacturers and business cooperation between the unnecessary losses caused by this small cost can not make up. If you want to know more about the industry information or cooperate with Junye Packing Co., Ltd, you can call TEL: +8613826291162 or email: junye023@junyepackaging.com to leave a message, we will reply you as soon as possible.