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Jewelry Gift Box Factory More Careful Regulation Of Ink Liquidity

Jan 11, 2018

Jewelry gift box factory more careful regulation of ink liquidity

At present, many packaging plants in the printing process control of the ink is not particularly rigorous, but like jewelry gift box factory these manufacturers will not be so simple and easy to let go every detail, because the ink inside the learning is very much, Today Junye packaging will take you to understand the fluidity of the ink is one thing, his jewelry gift box factory products have what effect on the inside.


In fact, the liquidity of the ink is of decisive importance to the jewelry gift box factory, because if the ink is too fluid, it will increase the size of the printing machine to print according to its own nature, but at the same time, his Printed products will increase the size of the ink layer will become less thick before, after the thinning of the ink inside the pigment content will be reduced at this time the physical phenomenon of diffuse reflection will increase, resulting in dim brightness Not so bright.


On the contrary, if the jewelry gift box factory will reduce the ink or liquid ink, then the words will indeed be very effective in the brightness of the product, because the reduction of diffuse, the specular reflection will be more excellent, but the ink is not high mobility Under it is not easy to transfer, in this case the printing ink is not good, the cost and efficiency will be greatly reduced, so this is not really a good idea.


According to the principle of the ink liquidity problem described by the jewelry gift box factory, if you want to know more information or cooperate with Junye Packaging Factory, you can call the online customer service hotline of Junye Packaging:+8613826291162, junye023@junyepackaging.com is Junye packaging company's e-mail if you have time to leave a message in this industry Junye packaging will reply to you the first time.