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Jewelry Paper Bag Factory Reminded Businesses Not To Indulge Luxury Packaging

Feb 02, 2018

Jewelry paper bag factory reminded businesses not to indulge luxury packaging

Now a lot of jewelry and paper bag factory and packaging factory as guilty of a fatal mistake is to blindly pursue luxury, the pursuit of high-profile and precious, although we all know that for jewelry, the more noble and more luxurious appears more expensive inside the goods, But at present, many kinds of jewelry more in line with the low-key luxury, rather than the pursuit of eye-catching shiny luxury, such as pearls this product is the case, although a good and quality Guan Ze pearls really worthy of that shiny eye-catching Luxury bags, but such pearls in the world with very few, but usually we are buying and wearing people are little fingernails with little fingernails mostly pearls, this product does not need too much The luxury, just plain and simple packaging can complete the task given to him by the paper bag factory.

The above is that a jewelry bag made by the factory bag is indeed right to respect their core customer service jeweler's product attributes of the core attributes of luxury, but also can not but consider the value of the product itself can respond To get rid of this overly "luxury" package, how to avoid this problem should be based on the specific structure and distinctive features of the jewelry, and it is important to respect the core of the jewelry as a starting point. From the color to show the consumer perception, the original inside the product should be consistent with the packaging outside.

Various native conditions are necessary to achieve consumer expectations and ideals, can not use too much eye-catching colors to attract consumers, although in the short term can effectively attract consumers, but the end consumers found that the outside is so eye-catching Packaging inside the goods actually so mediocre, or not match, but will be counterproductive, so the use of color on the use of more native close to the color of the product itself is the subject of jewelry jewelry factory stressed the key factors.

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