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Junye Packaging Shares A Variety Of Handbags For You

Dec 17, 2018

In our daily life, all kinds of handbags bring convenience to our shopping and travel. In this age of design, the design of the handbag is more and more popular, an ordinary Tote bags are becoming more and more abundant for people. In this era of environmental protection, the material of handbags is also highly valued by every packaging company. Let's introduce you to the types of handbags.

Advertising paper handbag

Advertising paper handbag

It is mainly used for advertising promotion. It is specially made for the promotion of a certain kind of goods. It attracts the attention of consumers through novel and unique words and graphics, so as to have a sense of intimacy, and the advertising handbags are products. For the purpose of publicity, in most of the handbags on the market, there are advertisement-shaped handbags, which are used in a wider range of applications, which bring consumers and businesses in promotion, shopping and promotion of brands. Convenience.

Gift bag

gift bag

This kind of handbag is also very common. In order to increase the value of the product, a beautiful tote bag design has been added to the package, which is more convenient for gifts. The gift bag is generally consistent with the style of the packaging gift box, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the gift Like the box, it has a strong gift effect.

Shopping Bag:

shopping bag

Around us, a kind of tote bag can be seen everywhere. The general material is made of non-woven materials, paper and plastic. In order to bring convenience to people, we design such a special handbag product, while the shopping bag The structure is more solid and stable, and it can hold more items. In the design of the shopping tote bag, it is generally simple and generous, mainly based on the logo of supermarkets and shopping malls.

Knowledge advertising tote:


The cultural connotation of this type of tote bag can be said to be quite rich. Many cultural and knowledge-based contents are printed on the bag, such as famous paintings and famous calligraphy works. This kind of shopping bag makes the look very artistic. This kind of shopping bag can also cultivate people's sentiments in a certain degree. For the culture of a commodity, knowledge-based shopping bags are very important.

In this materialistic society, the types of handbags are very rich. In addition to the shopping bags we introduce today, there are actually more varieties. Most people will pursue high-quality life. The fashionable goods are Nowadays, if you can have a shopping bag to modify the merchandise, it can be said that it has a very important role in the promotion of merchandise, and it has an extraordinary temptation for consumers.