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LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK Selected Clothing Bag

Mar 18, 2019

New York is not only part of the brand name of LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK, but has become the cultural heritage or image of the brand, affecting LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK in the bone. LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK was born in Lafeiyi Avenue in the SOHO district of Manhattan, New York, and named the brand.

LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK selected clothing bag

AFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK not only insists on the classic style route, but also incorporates the latest modern elements to embellish it. It will not blindly chase the trend, but it will not remain the same.

LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK is one of the few designer ready-to-wear brands in the world that offers ultra-small or oversized sizes. Let most women in the world find the perfect outfit that fits their body shape. This intimate, custom-tailored service also extends to the Lafayette 148 clothing tote.

Lafeiyi lafayette 148 clothing tote bag selection of black cardboard, black is a timeless classic color, let the trend of color come and go, black still maintains a position that does not move. The paperboard paper is fine and firm, and it is one of the commonly used materials for making fine paper bags. Logo Platinum, black and white, is still the most classic urban style, highlighting the brand, the atmosphere is not cramped, distinguished and not vulgar. The combination of Western romanticism and oriental rational wisdom.