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Mask Box If You Do This Customization, Indicating That This Manufacturer Very Thought

Jan 24, 2018

Mask box if you do this customization, indicating that this manufacturer very thought

Remember once again go to the cosmetics manufacturers to help inventory the packing experience, opened the packing plant storage workshop when the situation was shocked by the immediate situation, these customized products mask mask box, respectively, the sky cover and floor cover separately, and cover a shelf , The ground cover is also a shelf, each shelf is divided into seven layers, covered with nearly 5,000 canopy or cover, although was shocked by the immediate presence of such a battle, but after all, there are righteous things to do, there is no Too much hesitation, began to pack up, until these packing boxes are packed, in retrospect with curiosity to ask the teacher a meaningful problem.

My heart was very strange at that time, so why is this kind of mask-box customized products that cover the world's patterns to be opened up for storage, so that the storage space is very huge and our workers are not good at packing the day Packaging in the afternoon it took hours to pack 5000 boxes, which makes me think these batches of custom products such as mask storage the biggest doubts, because all kinds of benefits are negative, why the old master who will arrange storage?

Later, after listening to the teacher's explanation, I realized that he said: "There are many process technologies used in the box making process, and depending on the type of solvent, the natural residual solvent or dust in the finished box There will be more dust that needs to be air-dried, so you see the storage workshop is large, but with just a few middle positions and no shelves by the window, the purpose is to allow the wind to dry the dust naturally, or Residual solvents, the biggest advantage of doing so, the business received custom mask mask box when there is no smell, it is very important, especially in the mask packaging industry, consumers in addition to the first contact with the eye is the nose, nose, Smell, the product will be greatly reduced, for the sake of business, so this step is necessary. "

After listening to the mask box custom teacher so carefully explained, I think I am still too young, and often my mind is from their own corporate interests and efficiency of the sake of thinking, but the old masters are based on businesses, services as the standard For the sake of, I really admire, if you want to know more industry information or cooperation with Junye packaging box customization, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye packing e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Give you a reply as soon as possible