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Method Of Folding A Gift Box

Jan 31, 2019

For the gift box, the folding gift box made of cardboard and corrugated box is generally not only strong, but also has many beautiful patterns on it. Some people may not agree with it, and think that the packaging gift box made of paper may not be strong. But the wrapping paper used to make the folding gift box is not just a single one, but a lot of sheets of paper, so the steps of the origami can be learned.

For the paper of the folding gift box, you can choose 16 sheets of colored paper. The colors can be selected according to your own hobbies. Firstly, fold them repeatedly, and then combine them all together, so that the folding gift box can be made stronger, then the folding is made. Gift box, but also look at the form of the folding gift box you need, the following small series will introduce you how to make a beautiful gift box with eight corners.

To make an octagonal gift box, you should prepare two colors of colored paper, each of which has eight colors. The color is not required. You can follow your preferences or creative. You can also make a color one by one. In what style.

Folding a box requires a total of sixteen sheets of paper. First, the first sheet of paper is folded, and on this basis, it is folded in half, and folded in three times. This is done when the paper has a crease in the shape of a meter.

Then put the colored side of the paper outward and inward, and fold up the three corners, but be sure to leave a corner, then open one of the corners, fold the remaining corner, fold it all the way up and one The corners are parallel.

Then, turn the paper over and fold it again, open the side that has just been folded, and fold it again. When folding, put the direction of the sharp corner on the right side, then fold a corner, turn it over and fold a corner. Put the folds together and you can complete the folding process of a gift box.

After folding the gift box, if you want to make the gift box more delicate, you can also use the ribbon to slightly modify the folding gift box, insert a beautiful flower on it, then your friends will love it.

Through the introduction of the above steps, everyone should fold the gift box by themselves. In fact, there are many ways to make a variety of gift boxes.