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Necklace Box Manufacturer

Oct 06, 2017

Necklace box manufacturers

According to the current number of packaging plants and packaging manufacturers and some carton manufacturers will use some flocking blister to the original larger space filled with more full, so that the goods do not look so sporadic, but also can enhance the quality of the product , Such as a lot of necklace box manufacturers and necklace boxes to do the industry are very focused on this flocking plastic inner care.Then the necklace box manufacturers to complete the flocking plastic products their material should be selected?

Flocking plastic products his primary raw material is hard plastic film, this film plastic thickness is generally between 0.12MM to 1.0 MM, the general use of more films containing PVC, APET, PP, PS, etc. there are like special needs Flocking film, anti-static, gold-plated, conductive film these. Necklace box manufacturers in addition to plastic and difficult for the size of the classification of products, but also need to be determined according to environmental requirements. Necklace Box manufacturers can use thin materials in special circumstances to reduce costs, thicker raw materials necklace box manufacturers cost will certainly be expensive, mainly for the size of packaging items, weight, protection performance of these aspects to consider the comprehensive consideration.

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