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One Hundred Boutique Appearance Packaging

Apr 16, 2017

"OPEN2012 plan of packaging exhibition plan and the eighth session of the" Shenzhen star "Grand Prix" unveiled yesterday at the Shenzhen Exhibition Center Hall 9. The exhibition area of nearly 1000 square meters, appeared more than and 100 pieces of Shenzhen packaging plan quality exhibition, show the highest degree of domestic packaging plan and future development trends. The exhibition will continue until the 9 day.

This activity is the eighth "one of the ten creative February" series of activities by the Shenzhen City Council for the promotion of international trade, Shenzhen city tour Bureau, Shenzhen "genre plan", the implementation of Shenzhen packaging industry association with the host.

Exhibition to the "closed" as the theme of speech, trying to break through the traditional "packaging plan" concept, will expand its connotation, posters and other stereo vision plans in the works in. The exhibition is to collect more than 3 thousand pieces of works, promoted out of the more than and 100 wellmade panels. His works are the "star of Asia", "world star", "China Star", "Guangdong star", "Shenzhen star" award, appeared 30 years since the reform and opening-up rich effect of Shenzhen packaging industry obtained.