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One Of The Style Of Product Box:drawer Box

Jul 09, 2018

Drawer boxes are named after the drawers that are common in our daily lives. drawer box is divided into two separate structurers as well as base and lid box. The lid is tubular, and the box is disc. The lid box is tubular and the base box is disc-shaped. In order to facilitate the withdrawal, a small handle is usually provided on the casing. The process of slowly twitching the inner box, like a child opening a treasure, and it makes people feel wonderful and beautiful, full of surprises.

drawer tyle box

Scope of application

The drawer type box is suitable for gift box, tea box, chocolate box, jewelry box, clothing accessory box and so on.

Design structure

The drawer type box can be set not only as a layer structure, but also as a multi-layer composite structure.The earrings are placed on the upper layer, and the necklaces are placed on the another layer, which saves space and can be divided into categories.Therefore it easy to find items.

Drawer-type box of outer box, like other packaging boxes, can use a variety of processes, such as bronzing, UV, film, etc. to increase the value of the box, and promote the brand.

The interior of the drawer type box can be added with EVA inner lining, blister inner support, sponge inner lining, flannel cloth, satin cloth, etc. to enhance the protection of the goods. At the same time, it is convenient to display and display in sales. It is also possible to design a transparent PVC window on the side of the inner box. This drawer type window-packed case is convenient for use in daily life. It is a must-have for family.

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