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OPPO N1 Mobile Phone Box Preemptive Exposure, Very Simple And Literary Fan

Dec 24, 2018

September mobile phone war, big screen camera flagship OPPO N1 finale! With the release of the O-release conference on September 23, OPPO N1's real machine packaging unveiled a mystery, which also makes us more OPPO N1 look forward to.


From the exposure map, OPPO N1 box adopts a "flat" design, the surface of the matte white makes the overall appearance very good, the whole package looks simple and clean, stylish and elegant, following the OPPO has always been the most beautiful. It is reported that the LOGO on the box is also made of metal nickel, which is particularly eye-catching.


From the box, OPPO not only continues the brand concept of “to the United States”, but also further makes the layout of the box more beautiful and practical. What is the brand-new big-screen camera flagship phone in such a new packaging box? It makes us curious.


On September 23, OPPO N1 will be officially launched. OPPO N1 is the big-screen flagship mobile phone that OPPO is focusing on this year. It is produced for photography. A series of innovative designs are designed to make users have a more interesting photo experience. It is reported that this is a large-screen mobile phone equipped with a 5.9-inch, 1080P full HD IPS screen.


OPPO N1 realizes OPPO's unique PI original drawing engine through the Opteron 600 processor and specially customized OPPO ISP processing chip, plus innovative software algorithms, which brings the user's photo experience to a new level. The OPPO official has confirmed that the N1 will be equipped with a 15x zoom wireless external lens. Through the wifi and NFC links, the OPPO N1 has a richer camera experience. At the same time, the aperture of OPPO N1 is increased from F2.2 to F2.0, which greatly increases the amount of light entering. In order to avoid the distortion caused by large aperture, OPPO N1 will also adopt the 6P lens optical imaging system for the first time on the Android flagship. As can be seen from these configurations, the OPPO N1 does a lot of work on image capture.


In addition, OPPO N1 supports the slowest 8-second slow-speed lens, so that mobile phone users can enjoy the fun of taking photos with SLR lenses. In order to solve the inconvenience of operating a large-screen mobile phone with one hand, a control panel that can be touch-operated is added to the back of the N1, and on the back, a flexible index finger can be used to complete photographing, reading and turning pages. In addition, OPPO and China Merchants Bank will cooperate, and N1 will become the first smartphone to truly realize NFC payment. According to speculation, the price of this heavyweight flagship machine may be around 4,000 yuan.


As the most anticipated flagship phone in September, OPPO N1 will be officially released on September 23, and all the mysteries will be revealed!