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Packaging And Printing: New Era, New Thinking, New Leap

Apr 16, 2017

the rapid growth of China economy is beginning to enter "the farewell stride forward singing militant songs, in the fast growth period of the" new normal "development stage gradually. The central economic work conference on the changing trend of economy from 9 aspects, including analysis from the consumer demand level, imitation wave style consumption stage of the end of the individuation and diversification of consumption has gradually become the mainstream.

This trend will undoubtedly give the interpretation of printing and packaging enterprises lit a beacon. At present, China is printed on the package from power to a power shift in the printing and packaging, structural adjustment period, the enterprises to grasp the trend is particularly important. I believe we have already felt the market of printing and packaging increasingly strong personalized and diversified products to meet the needs of innovation, the importance of customer needs are significantly improved, so we require service attributes as printed on the package are higher than ever before.

In this context, digital printing and packaging with flexible production mode, product rich advantages, will undoubtedly have more opportunities. Printed on the package should think through the development of digital printing and packaging technology enterprises, the use of digital printing and packaging to achieve a variety of printing and packaging technology, overcome industrial development space reduction, resources and environmental pressures increase, reduce labor dividends and other unfavorable factors, the current structural adjustment "pains" into "opportunity", to achieve a new leap forward.

Along with the macro economy has entered a new norm, we work on the direction of their own also reviews and adjustment. Since its foundation in 2002, "digital printing" has been the concern of Chinese and global digital printing and packaging technology trends, and strive to build a platform for the exchange of trade most widely, has always been committed to promoting the development of Chinese digital printing and packaging industry, and have achieved good results and achievements.

Today, digital printing and packaging concept of deepening our understanding of the digital printing and packaging is also in constant adjustment, it has not only refers to the output process of digital imaging technology based on digital reconstruction also represents the traditional mode of production and printing and packaging printing and packaging industry IT trend.

At present, the traditional printing and packaging development into the bottleneck, the digital reconstruction of reasonable can help enterprises to build the data flow to India packet transfer and transfer logistics combined production mode, so as to improve the production quality, rich product structure, to meet the individual needs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Based on the rapid development of IT technology, printing and packaging enterprises not only broke the geographical restrictions, expand service areas, while providing non physical goods through the digital printing and packaging can, such as digital images, digital library and so on, get more business opportunities, achieve higher added value. The printing and packaging industry development trend has gradually become a new focus of attention.

Based on this background, in order to adapt to the development of technology and market demand, we have fully research and planning, decided to "digital printing" revision, "digital printing". The new "digital printing" on the basis of advanced technology, the concept of looking on, will also strengthen the exploration and application of digital printing and packaging of the business model.

In the new normal economic situation, printing and packaging industry is undergoing structural adjustment, we look forward to further promote the development of digital printing and digital printing and packaging bag at home.