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Packaging Design Innovation Outstanding Packaging Personality

Apr 16, 2017

With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, in order to promote the sale of goods, has been in the design of packaging appearance and structure.Packaging design innovative

1 from the choice of materials of individuality

Use of material break the normal procedure to produce an ideal effect in the packaging, this packaging design in Japan is reflected in many. Japanese attaches great importance to the beauty of nature, the packaging material basically is wood, straw, bamboo, clay, cloth, linen, paper etc.. To demonstrate product intuitive simple fresh, sweet, pure, because the material is extensive, the visual effect of packaging personality bright and rich and colorful world and bring a new visual experience impressed the out of the ordinary.

2 from the decoration technique to create the personality of the packaging

Designers will be reasonable combination of color, brand, words collocation is also very prominent personality. As the domestic famous brand clothing clothing success, in addition to the excellent quality of products due to the virtuous cycle of the enterprise, the role of packaging design also contributed. The company of packaging in the design orientation and always adhere to the "outstanding brands, the display of personality, enhance the image" concept, has achieved good market effect.

Method of packaging design

1 series method

The series is one of the most commonly used method of packaging. It is in the shape, color, name, type, material, combination of the same products make different packaging processing, formed a series of state, which can meet the needs of different consumers, but also can avoid the monotonous situation of a commodity is only one form of packaging, to meet the aesthetic needs of customers.

2 biomimetic method

It is modeled on the biological image, structure, function, color, material, texture, effect of packaging design packaging product has the morphology and structure of biological characteristics, and similarity, thus giving consumers to life, vitality, vigor and feeling, stimulate consumer desire to buy, the implementation of its purchase behavior.

2 personalized packaging design must strengthen the visual impact of personalized

Personalized packaging design to clever use of color make visual impact. A survey from the psychologist analysis results show that the memory of people, 83% by 1% by 3% on the visual auditory, tactile. Color plays an important role in the packaging design. Because of the different colors can cause people to reflect the different visual, causing different psychological activities. For example Nestle Chinese coffee in the traditional Mid Autumn Festival launched a colorful, large sale and polite "Nestle. A dozen products not only are put on a red coat Chinese traditional packaging, and with the Mid Autumn Festival moon graphics and words, so in the fierce moon cake war alone into a beautiful landscape.

3 personalized packaging design should have the awareness of environmental protection

Twenty-first Century is the "green" of the century, the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply into the hearts of the people. Create a good packaging design of environmental protection and human health is the common goal of consumers and designers. Therefore, packaging designers should take the social interests oriented in the pursuit of design concept and marketing interests, fully consider the social cost and social responsibility, but also to consider the pros and cons of environmental protection are particularly worthy of reflection is now a lot of goods are excessive packaging of momentum. Excessive packaging refers to the packaging function and the value of excess product packaging. Excessive packaging not only increase the burden on consumers, the packaging waste valuable resources, exacerbated by the deterioration of the ecological environment, increase the waste of processing burden. Its reason has three main points:

The huge profit driven. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the requirement is no longer limited to the contents of the product (the core interests of the product) and external form attaches great importance to the product, the packaging businesses use to open up the market, and get higher interest to create the conditions.

The elimination of investors blind consumption for excessive packaging. In real life, consumers are not experts, can not effectively distinguish on all commodities, coupled with information asymmetry, business to consumer (especially by inducing excessive emotional appeal) it will gradually form a social fashion, which makes consumers in the consumer, irrational factors influence consumers increase.

The lack of strong constraints resulting in excessive packaging flooding. Under the condition of market economy, if the enterprises did not receive sufficient constraints, often consider their own interests more, consider others or the interests of the whole society and social long-term interests will be very few.