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Packaging Design Is Fit For Human Use Simple Popular

Apr 16, 2017

In today's society, packaging products, not only to seek the harmony of the packaging and the environment, in fact, more packaging are trying to make their own design of human nature.

Try to foreign packaging design

1 ergonomic design compared to other people, for some people, improve the interaction between the human body and the packaging is more challenging. Elderly consumers often fall in with the strength and agility of the struggle, they often encounter some open packaging (including sealing, large or heavy packaging). For all people, including children, are very difficult to open a jar of mustard, a bottle of water, soup cans, beverage bags and many other cans, some even is not possible, because these actions require strength and agility.

A successful case is ergonomically designed for FolgersInstantCoffeeCrystals packaging. The plastic tank wall concave, provides a safe grip flip cover packaging to solve the problem of screw cap. "Usually hand screw caps are very large, very wide, it is hard for a person with a hand off. So the design of [Folgers] flip cap. This is a simple and perfect solution, "said McGowan.

2 single hand relaxed lifestyle also affects the interaction between people and packaging. The crowd more and more consumers need such a when another hand is occupied for single hand use packaging.

KelleyStyring, President of InsightFarm company, the extensive research on this phenomenon in his OneHandedWorldStudy, he explained: "now, in our time of about 40%, our hand is occupied." For example, our hand is likely to be occupied by the mobile phone, a steering wheel, a drink or a lover's hand. These are some of the main scene, "Styring said. However, many of the packaging design is not conducive to opening or using a single hand.

Single hand operation and stability, in other words, the packaging design of single hand labor into multiple tasks is a platform for innovation. One innovation platform is Styring called "a design for friction": the use of surface friction to prevent packing slip from the table or table.

The design of intelligent 3 "training" using the inhaler, automatic syringe and other medical devices running the medical trend, is the driving force to improve the product packaging interaction. A company dedicated to the patient for this kind of training equipment Noble, the packaging to improve the training effect, reduce may damage the treatment of medication errors.

In order to teach patients how to use automatic syringe or inhaler, Noble is equipped with a training device for packaging (which does not contain drugs but in other ways to simulate the actual behavior of a device), when the patient exercises when using the device can provide feedback for them.

According to the design of medical equipment, the technology can be used in various packaging mode. But in all cases, the focus is still the multi sensory learning, it is a method to improve information retrieval as everyone knows and reserved. "We through the practice of equipment to achieve the tactile stimulation through packaging to produce audio / video," VanderPol said. The package can "give you oral instruction and tick, can also provide video. The exercise equipment itself is a kind of visual stimulation. These are a combination of multi sensory learning experience."