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Packing Box Printing Customers Must Ask Seven Points

Oct 08, 2018

Packing Box Printing Customers Must Ask Seven Points

First, why the price has a big difference in the same printing box ?

The price of printing consists of the following parts: design fee, plate making fee (including film), printing plate (PS version), printing fee, post-processing fee, proofing fee, and paper used. The seemingly identical printing, the reason why the price is different is that the materials used and the process are different. In short, the packaging box printing also follows the principle of price.

Packing box printing customers must ask seven points

Second, what should be ready for packaging box printing?

The customer's should at least prepare as follows:

1, to provide higher precision pictures (300 pixels or more), provide the correct text content;

2. Provide the original design file (when design is not required);

3, the specification requirements are clear, such as quantity, size, paper, after-process.

Third, what is the spot color printing?

It refers to the printing process of copying the original color by other color oils other than four colors of colored yellow, magenta, cyan, and black ink. In the box printing, a large-color background is often printed using a spot color printing process.

Fourth, what is four-color printing?

The general four-color printing package refers to a color process that uses yellow, magenta, cyan primary inks and black ink to copy color originals.

Fifth Why is the printed matter different from what the computer displays?

This is a problem with computer monitors, and the color value of each monitor is different. Especially the liquid crystal display. Take two computers for comparison: one has a red color on the top, and the other looks like a black with more than 10, which is actually printed the same.

6. What kind of packaging box will use spot color printing?

The face paper or brochure of the box is often composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradation blocks and text. These color blocks and texts can be separated by four primary colors after color separation, or they can be specially formulated. Color ink, then only print a certain spot color ink at the same color block. In the case of comprehensive consideration of improving the printing quality of the package and saving the number of overprints, it is sometimes necessary to use spot color printing.

Seven, what kind of packaging box must use four-color printing process

Painters' color art works, photographs taken in color photography, or other images containing many different colors must be scanned by color desktop systems or electronically separated for technical reasons or economic considerations. The machine is separated and then copied using a four-color printing process.