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Positive Exposure? Why Health Care Products In Order To Control The Box This Time?

Jan 08, 2018

Positive exposure? why health care products in order to control the box this time?

Before Junye packaging factory tells a group of apprentices to do a hand health care products box appeared a straight line into a wavy thing, but that is only one batch of apprentice health care products in the process of making boxes back underexposure , This article is about another group of apprentices who did not notice the other side of the box that made the straight line turn into a wavy line. This is actually similar to the case of back-light exposure Health care products box made of the details?


The apprentice picked up by the master also through the registration form and operation records, and analysis of their simulation model, as well as the tools they operate comparison, and found that these health products box made apprentice is committed A common mistake, that is, the duration of the exposure control problem, the focus of the positive exposure can actually be considered as a problem of hardness, because the genuine is to be scrubbed, in this case, in addition to withstand the non-stop impact of the device , Have to withstand the scrub, a variety of liquid parameters if the hardness is not enough is very easy to have problems, the line was washed into the wavy lines also occur from time to time, which is more serious than the back exposure problems, but also more difficult to do because Back exposure needs to be dealt with the probability is very low, but the genuine is not the same, in the health care products box custom process once the amount of large or need to change ink, which must be washed, so the master of the apprentice spent more effort , Because the plate is to ensure the restoration of the shape of the most basic conditions, if you do not print the back of the color there will be a lot of problems, businesses can not accept Kind of defective product.


A lot of apprentices are open-minded and correct about these few days of training. However, there are many ways to give up apprenticeships that leave the health-care box because it is a long-term and irritable not-to-be-anxious process. , Do not impatient people flex their muscles, so I also understand that after all, professional people do professional things, unprofessional people do more than perfect, always said, "Qinnengbuzhuo", but the interest and so on Neither are there in this area, there is no need to insist on the business is not good for health care products, boxes made products are not good.


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