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Selected On The Paper, To Ensure The Customization Of Cosmetic Packaging Materials Of High Quality And Low Cost

Mar 06, 2018

Commonly used cosmetic packaging materials are glass, plastic, hoses, cartons, etc., of which the paper is the most commonly used materials, whether cosmetic or internal packaging material will be used, can play an important role.

Cosmetic paper package of paper has a variety of options, such as copper paper, kraft paper, gold and silver cardboard, pearl paper. However, due to its different characteristics, made of cosmetic packaging materials are also different. So how to properly select and use paper to ensure the quality of the box and reduce the cost of the box? A complete packaging design will inevitably consider the packaging material, Xiaobian now learn with you under the properties of cosmetic packaging materials in order to correctly select the right packaging materials.

Copper paper, the paper is characterized by smooth glossy paper surface, fast and consistent coating, easy to print beautiful and clear patterns and text. Therefore, the common choice of cosmetic packaging materials copper paper.

Kraft paper, tough water-resistant packaging paper, the color has a tan and white, very flexible, and strong, high breaking resistance, it is widely used in clothing, food, tea, alcohol and other industries outsourcing. However, its shortcomings are obvious, the printing color is limited, only suitable for printing heavy colors. If you are not suitable for the production of cosmetic packaging materials, the market is also less used in the production of cosmetic packaging materials.

Gold and silver cardboard, which is a kind of special paper, glossy paper and high gloss, with a metallic feel, giving a special sense of dazzle, in your hand, very high grade, instant value-added products. Of course, the price will be much more expensive than other materials. In addition, this material in the printing patterns and text effects are good, beautiful and clear. If the cosmetics business pursuit of high-end fashion, you can choose gold and silver cardboard custom cosmetic packaging materials.

Pearlescent paper, the gorgeous effect of this material is also very obvious, the color selectivity is relatively large, but in the printing, the ink is not attached to absorption, not easy to dry, printing time may be longer.

Of course, custom cosmetics package materials there are other optional, here do not explain, such as the need to consult please call our service hotline +8613826291162, Chun Yip packaging printing waiting for your visit.