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Several Details Of The Clothing Gift Box

Apr 29, 2019

As a special packaging box, the clothing gift box is also a common packaging box on the market. In addition to the common features of ordinary packaging boxes, what are the characteristics? Today, We will give you a brief introduction to some unique clothing packaging boxes. Several major details.

Several details of the clothing gift box


The clothing gift box is different from the ordinary gift box, and the ordinary gift box has a cardboard box and a paste box. Clothing gift boxes include shirt boxes, tie boxes and underwear boxes, covering a wide range. Most of the clothing packaging boxes are custom paper boxes, made of gray paper and coated paper/art paper.


Clothing is not among the fragile items. The clothing gift box is usually only equipped with copy paper, which is dust-proof and moisture-proof. There is no protective lining such as sponge or EVA.

Packaging design pattern

The clothing gift box is part of the corporate culture, and it is also one of the important ways for the company to publicize and enhance the company's popularity. A successful clothing gift box not only reflects the corporate culture, but also displays the brand connotation and cultural charm.

Tote bag

Most clothing gift boxes on the market are not handcuffed. In order to facilitate the convenience of customers, the clothing packaging brand will be equipped with corresponding clothing gift bags for the clothing packaging box. The clothing handbags will continue the design style of the clothing packaging box. The process is basically the same.


Some women's clothing gift boxes or underwear boxes are modeled on high-end gift boxes with elegant ribbons on the surface, and ribbons with bows add to the elegance of the entire clothing gift box.

These are the unique details of the clothing gift box. Through these basic details, we can quickly distinguish the clothing gift box from other custom gift boxes.