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Shoe Box Is Not Only Four Or Four Square, This Design Can Save Nearly Half Of The Cardboard

Jul 18, 2017

Four or four square shoes do not pay attention to take up too much space, the production will be corresponding to consume more resources. In order to solve this problem, the Greek design company Matadog Design lasted two years, developed a shoe called Viupax, hoping to change the way people sell and store shoes. Viupax placed two shoes side by side, was a similar trapezoidal structure, known to save 20-57% of the cardboard, the volume is also smaller than the ordinary shoe box 20-50%. Semi-open design is not only convenient for customers to more intuitive to view their style, but also through the label on both sides to confirm the size and other information. Interestingly, the shoe box can also be used as needed special painting, without relying on other tools in the case, turned into a toy.

Shoe box

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