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Talk About The Lining Materials Of High End Gift Boxes

Jul 28, 2018

Packaging lining is an important part of the gift box, not only can directly protect the product, but also the quality of the lining is indirectly related to the overall grade of the gift packaging box. Nowadays,a box with delicate inner lining inside, which is easy to leave a good impression on customers.  The following we would introduces you to several common gift boxes.

Talk about the lining materials of high end gift boxes

Sponge lining

The sponge lining is soft, anti-extrusion, and has great resilience. The cost of the sponge is low, and the processing is very simple. You only need to cut the die.

EVA foam lining

EVA foam is an extremely popular plastic liner with good elasticity, flexibility, stamping resistance and gloss. Many gift boxes come with EVA foam. EVA foam padding can be designed with a groove in the shape of an article, so that the foam can wrap all the articles together to form a very safe and safe environment.  The Eva foam surface can also be flocked. And the EVA foam lining surface after flocking, it is smoother and more lustrous ,and can be used to wrap many valuable and fragile items.

Corrugated paper lining

Although the corrugated paper looks rough and does not go up, it has a wrinkled structure. During transportation, corrugated paper generates additional gas to reduce friction, increase cushioning force, and provide protective support for the entire item.

 As a new type of environmentally friendly lining, corrugated paper is currently widely used in wine packaging.

Plastic lining

Although the plastic lining is not soft, it has good stability, is resistant to extrusion, and is not easily deformed. The plastic lining is often used for food packaging, such as moon cake gift box packaging. Plastic linings are often used in conjunction with silk fabrics. Silk fabrics have a very high gloss to increase the texture of the product packaging.

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