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Talking About The Quality Inspection Of Gift Box

Apr 15, 2019

The completion of the production of a successful gift box generally requires a lot of steps to control, and later through the screening control, in order to ensure the quality of the gift box. Therefore, in the production process, each process hides the quality risk. These risks are not imperfect process design, nor are the equipment performance incomplete. Most of them are the lack of quality awareness of the operators and the imbalance of skill levels. The process control is not rigorous, and quality loopholes often appear.

Talking about the quality inspection of gift box

The following Junye summarizes the considerations from these aspects, for reference only:

1. Loose edge: After the paper is pasted, the adhesion is not tight on the four sides of the box, and there is a hanging between the paper and the gray board.

2. Wrinkle: After the paste, the surface of the paper is irregular, and the length of the paper is different.

3. Breaking angle: After the paper is pasted, the paper is damaged and white at the four corners of the box.

4. Dew ash (exposed bottom): Due to the inaccuracy of the stencil making, or the offset of the positioning during the smear operation, the lapped paper is misaligned after the crease paper is folded, causing the ash board to be exposed.

5. Foaming: The surface of the box is partially embossed with irregular, sized bubbles.

6. Glue: traces of glue remaining on the surface.

7. Protrusions (acne): There are particulate matter remaining in the lower layer of the material, which locally props up the surface and destroys the flatness of the surface of the box.

8. High and low angle: After the gray board is half-cut or slotted, the four sides are folded and formed, and the adjacent two sides are inconsistent.

9. Water ripple: After the box paste is finished, in order to make the corners adhere more tightly, it is necessary to use the scraper to scrape the four sides of the box. Because the force is not standardized, the whole side will appear. Strips or vesicles of varying lengths and irregularities appear to be water ripples.

I believe that if in the quality inspection process, these factors can be taken into consideration, no omissions, every factory box can make people feel the true meaning of the word quality.