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Tea Gift Box Popular Gift Bag Boxed More Green

Apr 16, 2017

Recently, the reporter visited a number of tea shops in the suburbs of Luoyang in this invention, spring hot tea before rain arrived early, mostly. However, this year's gift market consumption by shrinking, tea packaging and sales this year with slight differences.

The poem plum tea, fried spring rain. Clear after Guyu before, Gift box It is the best of times and the spring. The tea before rain, the valley before picking tea. Guyu before the high temperature, fresh bud development is relatively fast, the accumulation of rich contents of tea, tea making delicious thick, resistant foam, popular consumer reception.

A tea shop is located in the East Road turning report reporter, this year advocate thrift, Tea packing box The low-end price of the best selling tea, especially one hundred or two hundred yuan per catty, almost sold.The purchase of high-end tea is half less than last year, you see these are senior tea thousand yuan per catty. I went to so few cans, did not stop selling in.A few cans of tea shop owner pointed to the locker said.

A tea shop in the Wangfujing department store in the US saw a lot of tea are kraft paper packaging. Man told reporters that there are a lot of gift box is the tea shop, but this year to buy this kind of tea is actually not, customers are more willing to choose simple packaging of tea. A tea dealer in Jianxi district also suggested that this year will use bamboo leaves or senior tea gift packaging, this year became the most replacement of kraft paper. He said that both environmentally friendly and simple, popular customer favorite.