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Tea Packaging Must Be Cultural

Apr 16, 2017

The competition has promoted the rapid development of commodity economy. At the same time, also speed up the goods from the material to the spirit of the era of transition era. On the packaging of goods, its basic function is not limited to the protection of goods and services in the display of goods, merchandise sales, more important is to be able to continue to meet the needs of people's spirit and culture. Especially the product differentiation has become an important strategy of enterprises today, how to make the production of products, to give people the impression of out of the ordinary, the packaging is particularly important.

The double attribute of material and spirit of tea, tea ceremony with the highlights as function. Put the tea as a gift, the packaging is to have cultural connotation. Can reflect the group mentality, tea culture group ethical thought, aesthetic tastes, values, national character and ethical standards.

Packaging as important elements of Chinese tea culture, since ancient times, the traditional. We published from Shandong science and Technology Press in 2003 by Wang Jianrong, Guo Danying, Chen Yunfei, "Encyclopedia of knowledge" in the manual of tea, "tea contains four" allusions, will have a more profound understanding. This book is about the "four tea" allusions, is described:

The Ming Dynasty four great scholar Tang Bohu, Zhu Zhishan, Wen Zhiming, Zhou Wenbin, a day of travel to Zhejiang in Wenzhou famous tea district of Taishun. After lunch, the four will be sleepy straws. When Tang Bohu proposed that: "it is in the top grade Taishun tea tea, a refreshing drink with you." For a moment, fragrant tea, zhuzhishan day: "tea should not poetry? This is on this topic, and all people recite a sentence, into a."

Tang Bohu first sentence: "people want to sleep, sleeping in the afternoon" zhuzhishan continued the second sentence: "tea is sweet", the twilight third sentence: "tea or add poetic", Zhou Wenbin made the last sentence: "good to sing before a king." "

When a neighbor said "good" after listening to the patrons, zhuzhishan immediately stare at: "this is how can find amusement when the occasion arises, the poem?" The people said: "the four just drink is tea, tea can be produced. This poem like tea, of small, good is the best in all the land." Zhu: "so, this poem to send to you sir, will you send me four Zhuang good tea bag is also play their proper role." People hurriedly nod, family life took four packets sent to the local tea four poetry collection to me.

Since then, the local tea is tea in four flavors, packing boxes, named "four tea" in the box, printed on the tea poetry, as advertising, the famous Taishun tea Zhejiang.

The modern tea packaging, often according to the origin and different areas, with a strong national colors, or as a product of local culture, in order to resonate with the agricultural culture, so as to promote the development of consumption. As the third session of the "Southern Star" tea packaging design competitions, "China Venus award tea paint box", the ancient Chinese pattern, with the official name of the product, style simple, elegant, fully demonstrated China is a country with a long history of tea production. If sold to Arabia state, and local people have been regarded as the green pearl pearl small package tea, the packaging box with a dark green, yellow text. In addition to its popular because it has excellent character and unique shape, packaging and decoration has its merits. Desert countries generally lack of water, water is the source of life, see green in the desert, it means that there is water means life and vitality. Therefore, pearl tea with its packaging attracted consumers in these regions, and regard it as the finest gift gift to each other.

The two is to pay attention to people's feelings and desires. Manufacture of printed with dragon and phoenix patterns "dragon Tuanfeng cake" from the Song Dynasty to 50s, before the press in the face of Fu Lushou like Pu'er tea party Braille, reflect people's emotion and pursuit. This kind of psychology in a variety of modern tea gift box, decoration design, still has been fully reflected, such as the symbolic universe of yin and yang two yuan, male and female, opposites too pattern transformation and auspicious pattern of "dragon and phoenix", applied to ceramic tea gifts package, won the favor of consumers.