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The Concept Of Packaging Box Manufacturers On Environmentally Friendly Packaging Design!

Jun 24, 2019

 As people's knowledge grows, their understanding of the importance of green, green and environmental protection gradually deepens, and environmental awareness is deeply rooted in people's hearts. Creating a box that is conducive to environmental protection and human health is a common goal pursued by today's consumers and designers.


 Therefore, while pursuing design concepts and marketing interests, packaging designers should be guided by the interests of social groups, fully consider social costs and social responsibilities, but also consider the advantages and disadvantages of environmental protection, especially worthy of reflection. Many products are now overpacked. momentum. Over-packaging refers to the packaging of products and value-added products. Over-packaging of enterprises not only increases the burden on consumers, but also wastes valuable packaging resources, exacerbates the deterioration of the ecological environment and increases the disposal burden of waste materials.

 In short, the design innovation of the box manufacturer should be clear information exchange, performance quality, unique and appropriate market positioning and stimulating performance, and a rich design culture. The novel packaging design should be appropriate and perfect, in line with the creative intention, embody the characteristics of the times, and endow the design culture and national style, including the essence of the enterprise and the characteristics of the product, which is amazing and can instantly resonate with consumers. Resonance. Pay attention to the problems that should be paid attention to in the design of junye packaging manufacturer' paper box, so that product packaging is more valuable.