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The Corrugated Box Is So Popular, Does It Know Its Environmental Performance?

Feb 18, 2019

Corrugated boxes are the most commonly used packaging materials. They are also widely used. The cost of corrugated boxes is very low. Therefore, it is the packaging material of choice for many merchants. The corrugated box is so popular, the most important one. It is its environmental performance, which makes it have a green development trend, no waste of resources and damage to the environment, whether in manufacturing or in use.

The corrugated box is so popular, does it know its environmental performance?

So, what are the environmental characteristics of the corrugated box?

First, the advantages of corrugated boxes in environmental protection are: light weight, good toughness and light weight. The manufacture of corrugated boxes is based on new ideas. Lightweight packaging is the standard, making the packaging materials more and more Light, on this basis, there is also a certain requirement for the compressive strength and fracture resistance of the paper. Therefore, the recycling of the corrugated box is very good, and it is a new material that can be recycled.

Second, in the category of corrugated boxes, new packaging materials emerged. This packaging material has better compressive toughness, and the printed images are more beautiful and beautiful. It is very popular among packaging users. Many large enterprises have begun to produce such corrugated paper. The packaging of the box, this corrugated box looks more refined and beautiful.

Third, the recycling rate of corrugated box packaging is also very high, because the processing procedure of corrugated box mainly has two kinds of paste and cutting, the processing cost is also very low, so the recycling of the product can reduce the cost of packaging. This will improve the quality of the corrugated box.

Fourth, the new corrugated box design makes the packaging products more and more solid. In some electrical packaging, the design of the corrugated box is further modified to make it more stable, and has a better cushioning function for the items, so that the goods inside are not subjected to strong impact, and the new design can make The paper utilization rate of the corrugated box is reduced by about 30%, which greatly reduces the utilization of forest resources.

Through the introduction of the environmental characteristics of the above corrugated box packaging, everyone has a new understanding of the corrugated box. The original packaging box that was originally in the life of the corrugated box has played such a big role in environmental protection. It is really not to be underestimated! The development prospects of domestic corrugated boxes will increase year by year, and many packaging manufacturers will increase the output of corrugated boxes, which has significantly improved the position of corrugated boxes in carton packaging.