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The Development Trend Of High-end Gift Packaging

Jul 29, 2019

Today, when the commodity economy is very prosperous, packaging products are constantly being upgraded. In the past, we mentioned that high-end gift packaging boxes often require luxury and pursue beautiful multi-level packaging. However, in today’s minimalist and green environment, the high-end gift packaging box The more simple, green, practical, and functional. Today, Junye Packaging will give you a brief introduction to the development trend of high-end gift packaging.

The development trend of high-end gift packaging


For the production of high-end packaging boxes, coated paper and art paper were the first objects we considered. However, in the pursuit of green sustainable development, many packaging boxes have begun to adopt environmentally-friendly high-white kraft paper. Some manufacturers even use ultra-white kraft paper imported from abroad. This white cowhide has an extraordinary texture and can be recycled and protected.

Box type

Because the folding carton is novel in style, convenient in combination, suitable for various printing methods, and convenient for storage and transportation, the folding carton is very well known abroad. This trend has gradually developed to China. I believe that in the near future, the folding packaging carton It will also be popular in the domestic packaging industry.


When it comes to cartons, the first thing we think of is the filming process. The laminating process is simple and inexpensive, and it helps to protect the color of the surface of the product and increase the toughness and breakage of the paper. However, most people may not know that the paper after lamination is difficult to recycle, non-degradable, and easily cause red pollution.

As a result, more and more ready-to-coat film adhesive materials will be replaced by high quality environmentally friendly new adhesives. Glossing not only enhances the gloss of the paper surface, but also does not affect the recycling of the paper. Varnish coatings mainly include solvent varnish, waterborne varnish, UV varnish and the like.