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The Difference Between Inner Packaging And Outer Packaging

Mar 05, 2018

Product packaging with the inner packaging and outer packaging division. They have different functions. Therefore, the choice of materials, the design of the box is different.

The material used in the inner package needs to be in direct contact with the product. Therefore, packaging materials must play a role in protecting the quality of the package. The materials that are commonly used are flexible packaging materials such as plastic film, paper, foil, cloth, and composite materials. Inner packaging also has decoration and buffering functions, requirements for decoration printing, shiny surface, easy machining, filling party makes it easy to seal and so on.


Product inner packaging in the form of the following five, customers can choose their own needs of the appropriate box.

1. Box: There is a corrugated box and no corrugated box.

2. Ordinary brown corrugated boxes: commonly used for 3 layers of corrugated boxes and 5 layers of corrugated boxes, the product is packaged, the general use of tape sealing.

3. White box: can be divided into a corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box and no corrugated white box, the product packaging generally use tape sealing; acrylic packaging

4. Display Box: The types of more, there are color display boxes, with PVC lid display boxes, etc., through the packaging can be intuitive to see the product inside the box.

5. Gift Box: Used for jewelry, stationery and other product packaging, more types.

Outer packaging is the packaging of the outermost packaging.In addition to the requirements of decoration and buffering, but also to withstand the impact of transport occurred during the torn, often using rigid packaging materials such as corrugated cardboard, plastic, plywood and so on.

When customizing the box, the merchant needs to communicate well with the box manufacturer to determine whether the box that he needs is for the outer package or the inner package, so as to design the package that the merchants are satisfied with and consumers like. Junye packaging focus on packaging design 17 years, in cooperation with the business process, generally won the praise of customers, if you need us to serve you, please call our service hotline +8613826291162.