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The Function And Size Of The Shirt Box

Jun 19, 2018

The function of the men's shirt box can be divided into: protecting the shirt box intact in the process of transportation and carrying; preventing the shirt in the shirt box from being deformed and wrinkling; as a shirt gift box for relatives, lovers, friends, improving the style and positioning of the shirt, and more Significant friendship; Pass the brand information of the shirt to increase the visibility of the shirt brand. The second of these is one of the most unique features of the shirt box.


It also explains the importance of the correct size of the shirt box. Too large shirt boxes are too bulky, consumables are too much, waste of packaging materials is not environmentally friendly; too small shirt boxes can appear cramped and crowded, shirts are not decently placed, and so on.

The size of the branded men's shirt box does not actually have a uniform national standard. The size of the shirt box depends on the size of the folded shirt. Many customers customize the box for their shirt because they do not understand how much size they need to customize. Junye packaging tells you that folding a shirt and fixing it with a plastic plate can roughly calculate the size of a shirt box that needs to be customized. Some customers are careful and trust Junye Packaging very much. They will send the shirt directly and ask us to decide the final size.

As a packaging custom company, Junye Packaging has rich experience and strong professional skills in the production of shirt boxes. Because of this, it attracts a group of customers who need security.