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The New Trend Of Foreign Wine Wine Packing Box

Apr 16, 2017

The other, Moynihan is now facing the small winery launched 1.5-3 liters can Customized Vacant packaging. Packaging without any text or pattern, after the winery ordered this packing, can be printed on the label itself. But this kind of mark immediately printed on the easy to wear, not after printing the results.

DaveMoynihan is a former constellation group implement supervisor. A few years ago, he was a North American Wine market has been relatively mature, Gift packing box Can carry out Wine bags. To this end, he established the AstraPouch Corporation of America, to carry out Wine packing bag.

Through the process of Verallia company and designer communication, customers can complete the decoration of glass bottles, bottle type, flat relief plans and other aspects of the differences necessary. In terms of color, Verallia, providing customers with a variety of choices, like antique green, green, green leaves or flint champagne color. This kind of wine is also very affected by the nature of the winery or wine reception, they were released, Wine new market test, published miss or limited edition product, most will choose this kind of custom wine bottle. At the same time, usually in the bottle marked winery brand, brand. Some American AVA areas will be in the bottle marked appellation, its members in charge of expenses with wine.

Wine packaging is a bottle of Wine first impression, one of the main factor is whether the consumer purchase decision. With Wine industry growth, Wine packaging change constantly in. Wines&Vines summarizes some trends in 2012 Wine overseas packaging.

Glass bottles

At present, the glass bottle is still a tributary of Wine packaging. The world famous glass bottle manufacturing technology taking Verallia company, satisfied the customer's small batch production requirements (each batch can only produce at least 1500 cigarettes), and can be customized a variety of products.

The other, Verallia company also from the new plan of production equipment, the relevant construction pace greatly reduced the bottle decoration, not only make the production time of contraction, but also effectively reduces the cost of production.

wine label

Although some Wine began using etching grades, but the Department is still adopted traditional paper labels. In order to protect the integrity and decency of the label, manufacturers will also "wear" and "waterproof" disposal of the label.

California Labeltronix is a trademark printing company, they introduced two Tags: MidnightVellum and ArcticShield, can respond to cut all kinds of wear.

MidnightVellum is a non coated black matte solid material, Beijing packaging company Its adhesive backing is black, so the transport and handling labels in the process, even if presents the crack, it will not affect the results of the internal label. This makes this kind of material rub resistant function to get the perfect performance. MidnightVellum built the necessary layered inked, but time-consuming but and digital printing or flexographic printing not less.

Like the white wine or champagne before drinking iced Wine necessary, it is necessary to label the waterproof. ArcticShield is a red paper label without coating. ArcticShield and other materials, can be printed, Gilding And the construction of relief, only when labeling to ensure stable average. Bottle grade printing company has with the label in the refrigerator and ice bucket experiment, two days out, the label still intact.

Although the MidnightVellum and ArcticShield of the price a little expensive, but still was a lot of winery reception.

Bag in box

Wine bag in box packaging is a packaging form a flexible seal by leading the inner bag and carton packaging form, its environmental protection, affordable and convenient transportation characteristics by market reception.

The Buddha monk Asia Charlottesville Watermark Ji company that plans to supply Wine bag in box packaging plan, one of their customers is Virginia Wineworks. The product VirginiaWineworks winery has adopted the bag in box packaging, the market response is very good. The first batch of 4000 liters of bagged Chardonnay has Wine box sold out, the price is $36 / box (3 liters). The company is also planning to Wei Ou monk and Cabernet Franc in the ranks of Wine boxed in.

It is understood that the bag in box Wine is very popular in the restaurant. The reason is because the layout, good air tightness, bag in box Wine after opening, in a suitable environment can register for 2 months, thus greatly reduce the waste. Anything else, because the packaging situation weird, bag in box Wine easy care, easy to open the bottle, but also very popular with young people reception.

The other, Watermark plan the company's Lacy suggests that the plan should also consider the label consumption group characteristics. Have data show that women are Wine American market consumption of the main, so the label plan should be neutral or slightly the direction of women, but need careful, too masculine or feminine labels are not the best choice. Wineworks winery distributors also proved this concept: they will have more masculine labels (pictures of two men in the taste of wine winemaker) revised, the mobilization of the recovery in sales.

Lacy also hinted that the packing box bag plan has harsh Wine registered. Today, traders on the package label year removed, in order to reduce the cost of printing.

Astra foil bag packaging (AstraPouch)

Astra foil bag is two layer plastic pipe receiving combination, Tea packing box Plan a one-way leading to oxygen. Packing bag scale 1.5 litre 7 feet wide, 10 feet high, 2 feet wide at the bottom. This kind of bag can remove extra oxygen quick squeeze. This kind of packaging as chips hanging display, especially in the closing show proper trafficking table. Moynihan is currently in the planning to launch another 3 liters of packing party.

Now the Astra foil bag Department on the market are printed with color patterns of product advocate. The color pattern of a layer of plastic film shelter.