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The Original Hole In The Packaging Bag Manufacturers Have This Truth

Jan 31, 2018

The original hole in the packaging bag manufacturers have this truth

The bags are already a very important part of daily life in Junye's packaging. He can help Junye to carry some items for convenience. Junye's packaging can not easily be carried around by the appearance of the products Grocery shopping bags will use the plastic bags or bags to the bakery to buy egg tarts will give you their custom-made boxes or paper bags wrapped up to go to the coffee shop will take you to take a package can be fixed a few glasses of special drinks The physical structure of the paper bag) The latter Both the various types of paper bags are actually produced by the bag manufacturers specializing in paper bags products, but they have some common characteristics, that is, the structure of the hand-held parts are often round or Rounded physical structure, which is why? For these similar box manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment is not boxy physical structure easier to produce and look good? According to the analysis of the bag manufacturers summed up a few points.

First, the ergonomics of human fingers are showing a semi-oval arc shape, if the bags made by the bag manufacturers handbag part is boxer, then it will have been squeezing the finger on the smooth arc that On the one hand, this greatly reduces the user experience, a little better result to the guests just no longer use the bag, so to reduce the business custom bag visibility, then the meaning of custom paper bags cease to exist, the worst The result is the loss of customers affect the reputation of reputation.

Second, the physical structure of other raw materials limits the possibility of other developments. In addition to the first one, a round hole is directly opened on the surface of the bag of the bag manufacturer, in fact, many bags are hand-held, and in general, The handle structure is either open a round hole, or is the direct hand rope attached to the side of the bag, the latter is not a hole Chun industry packaging is not discussed, but the former hole is round because he wants to cooperate After the rope to go through and load-bearing material, if it is a square hole, his bearing surface will be less than the circular, the pressure will be greater than the circular, then the possibility of fracture will be greatly enhanced, so in Open the hole because of this factor is also taken into account.

Third, the appearance of aesthetics, the box office is more suitable for science and technology and high hardness of the design package, bag manufacturers to make the product are generally not so high hardness, because it is possible to install things inside Will be slightly larger, the paper bag to prop up a little bit is also normal, and this soft type of product is not as rigid as carton is fixed, so try to use the hole in the rounded hole opening design.

The above three points is why the manufacturers of customized paper bags are different from those of other similar packaging manufacturers in the packaging industry. If you want to know more about the industrial conclusion and analysis of Junye Packaging, you can call Online customer service hotline: +8613826291162, there are e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.