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The Problem That The Box Is Prone To Under The Hot Stamping Process

Feb 14, 2019

In today's increasingly fierce competition in the packaging and printing industry, more and more merchants use a hot stamping process in order to effectively protect the packaging box. Hot stamping refers to the processing of transferring hot stamping materials or hot stamping patterns on the object to be burned by ironing on paper, cardboard, fabric, coating, and the like. The hot stamping process is prone to the following problems during processing:

The problem that the box is prone to under the hot stamping process

1. Hot stamping is not possible or hot stamping is not strong, that is, the electrochemical aluminum cannot be ideally transferred to the surface of the substrate or the anodized aluminum cannot adhere well to the substrate.

The main reasons for the hot stamping or hot stamping are: low bronzing temperature, short bronzing time, insufficient bronzing pressure, paraffin ink on the bottom color, thick and smooth ink on the bottom of the print, and dry ink on the bottom of the print. Chemical, aluminum alloy model is not suitable.

2, hot stamping reverse pull phenomenon, the so-called reverse pull, is not after the hot stamping is not the electrochemical aluminum foil layer firmly attached to the bottom layer of the printed ink or white paper, but some or all of the underlying ink layer is pulled away by the electrochemical aluminum .

The main reasons for the hot stamping are: the underlying ink layer is not dry, and the underlying ink layer uses too much white ink and is easy to be pulverized. Solution: Control the amount of dry oil added, mix the fumigant with white ink, and do not print ink on the hot stamping part.

3, hot stamping pattern is easy to be distorted, that is, the figure text is hairy, lacking pen and drawing, and the gloss is poor.

The hair writing is caused by the temperature being too low; the lack of pen and broken painting is generally caused by the tension of the electric aluminum coil being too tight or the pressure is insufficient; the difference in gloss is due to the temperature being too high. Solution: Adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature and pressure according to the specific problem that occurs.

Of course, the hot stamping process also has many advantages. For example, the edge of the hot stamping image is clear and sharp, the pattern is bright and smooth, and the hot stamping foil of different colors can be used, which is widely used in shopping bags, packaging boxes, hangtags, jewelry boxes, and the like.