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The Production Process Of Puer Tea Packing Box

Apr 16, 2017

China's famous tea in Yunnan, Hangzhou, West Lake Pu'er Tea Longjing green tea, Fujian Quanzhou Tieguanyin, the three kinds of tea is China's most famous tea.

One of the most expensive Pu'er Tea can sell thousands of yuan a catty, luxurious is the representative words of tea packaging, the precious tea nature is little not good.

Pu'er Tea with wooden packaging packing box can guarantee the best tea tea for a long time will not change, a wooden Tea packing box After processing Caoxian singau handicraft Limited company production can become a work of art, with the tea packing box they produce can foil more noble tea.

Then a tea packing box which has the production process?

1: the choice of wood

Wood, Paulownia, pine, bamboo, bark.

The pine is the most expensive, the most easy processing Paulownia, bark has the most flexibility.

2: wood processing

After selected wood in wood processing, wood processing for us to shape the pattern of local carving.

3: binding materials

After the completion of wood and wood is bound together with special nail gun, bound basically a tea packing box is formed.

4: surface treatment

The final step is to complete the tea packing box binding surface treatment, surface treatment of paint spraying, according to the needs of production will be sprayed on the surface into the desired color to paint dry after disinfection fumigation.

This will have the basic four steps of tea packing box is made complete, tea drinking disinfection fumigation work is particularly important.

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