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The Reason Why The Fruit Packaging Box Is Difficult To Customized

Apr 01, 2019

The customization packaging box has now extended to almost all walks of life, but there are still some industries where the packaging box cannot be customized. Today,junye packaging factory will give you a brief introduction to the next representative case-why is differert to custom the fruit packaging box. Generally speaking,the reason can be analyzed from the following aspects.

The reason why the fruit packaging box is difficult to customized

1. Most of the operators of fruit packaging boxes are self-employed.And they are be short of unified management experience.

2.The fruit is seasonal, and the box should be in the circulation of goods. If it is put on the warehouse and hits various factors such as bad weather, it can only be scrapped.

3.low profit

Compared to high-end packaging, luxury packaging, tea packaging boxes, etc., the profit of fruit packaging is very low.

4.small MOQ

The number of orders is small.Junye packaging paper boxes manufacturer has analyzed with you before. Most of the package customization has a minimum order quantity of 1000 or 2000, while fruit merchants demand is not much, and the fruit profit is low, which does not reach the minimum order quantity. Naturally, Also not willing to customized the fruit box.

5.standards are different

Different countries have different standards for fruit packaging. Without standards and lack of uniform specifications, it is difficult for fruit packaging manufacturers to produce more. Invisibly increases production time.

The above is the reason why the cuso fruit packaging box of the small and succinct analysis is difficult to customize. If you need customization of other high-end product packaging, please contact junye packaging.