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The Reasons Of Health Care Products Hardcover Box Earlier In The Custom Because Of Environmental Issues Prevailing UV

Jan 04, 2018

the reasons of health care products hardcover box earlier in the custom because of environmental issues prevailing UV

Speaking of hardcover box for health products custom ink pollution problems can be really made for dozens of years old health care gift boxes chefs hurts, because a piece of paper to rectify the normative documents, health care box printing a Change, so that many low-cost but polluting materials out of the market by the way, without discussing some of the packaging plant secretly to the health care products hardcover box customized use of these out of ink case, in fact, health care products produced in the box In the course of development, other materials have also been gradually developed to make another kind of aesthetic effect, so that businesses and consumers feel novel and satisfied.


That for the whole health hardcover box customized industry winter, really let us Chun Yip packaging master is also very headache, because at that time the technology, other good-looking, emissions and materials in line with the national standard is very expensive, very difficult to choose between moment After several master chefs and the boss for a few hours meeting to discuss ways, after several teacher's recommendation, decided to do more with the use of UV light products, these products to the market in the near future to produce freshness, And the cost is more modest, and not too much too much, but also to minimize the use of ink that those sources of pollution is relatively large, otherwise health care products made hardcover box custom made money to accompany a fine.


uv biggest feature is the polymerization of the monomer ink molecules together to form a polymer, these polymers play a crucial role in the post-degradation, recycling in the environment to reduce environmental pollution, and also comply with normative documents in the late Processing, the majority of health care products businesses, but also played a positive role in enhancing brand image in the inside, so during that period of uv technology is also commonplace.


For the hardcover box custom-made products used in the ink pollution, although found a temporary substitute, but with the latter 13 years of more stringent concretization, uv good scene is not long, so in the health care products and printing industry In the industrial and technological development needs more, so that materials and equipment and post-processing technology breakthrough development, change the current pattern of environmental issues, if you want to know more industry knowledge or cooperation with Junye packaging box customizable Call: +8613826291162, and Junye Packaging Factory's email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.