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The Small Flowers On The Box Make The Gift Box More Refined

Jan 02, 2019

We usually have the need to send gifts. After buying a gift, we certainly want to give the gift a beautiful packaging gift box. Many times we see the packaging with beautiful ribbons and bouquets. These ribbons and bouquets can be used by ourselves. Do not only express your sincere new ideas, but also make the gift special. The following small series will show you how to make the flowers on the gift box.

The small flowers on the box make the gift box more refined

First of all, you should prepare a colored ribbon for the packaging gift box, wrap the wrapping ribbon around the thumb and other fingers on the left hand. How many petals are needed, how many circles are wrapped, the flower is mainly beautiful, and then the flower is cut into certain shape.

Then, after making the circle, fold it in half and trim the two ends of the long-shaped petal into a pointed shape. The thinner the better, the better, but you must not cut it.

Then, tie the cut petals with thin lines, which is tied with the ribbon of the petals.

Finally, after the tying, the petals are separated one by one, and they become the colored flowers of the exquisite gift box.

Doing so can add a lot of value to your gift box!

For flowers on the gift box, you can use your own creativity to make a variety of styles. Different flowers can have different methods. The method of wrapping gifts with ribbons is very simple.

It can be wrapped with pleated paper, choose the color that the other person likes, choose a few sheets of paper, first wrap the gift with paper, and shape it according to the nature and size of the gift, or can be wrapped into the shape of candy, on both sides. Fix it with a ribbon. If you want to be a little more fancy, you can make the edge of the paper into the shape of a flower, or make it like a toffee. It is more creative. Based on the method of the first package, the two ends are handled flexibly. , then fold up, then bundle the extra ribbon, the edge of the paper is made into the shape of the petal, add some nice flowers in the details, in the choice of wrapping paper, it is best to use the flash wrapping paper it is good.

The above is about the production of colored flowers in exquisite gift boxes. It is also a process of making handmade hands. Nowadays, very small hand-made objects are used as gifts for others to express our wishes, an ordinary gift. The box, after having a few beautiful flowers, is it more refined?