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The Special-shaped Packaging Box

Oct 05, 2018

The special-shaped packaging box

Clothing boxes and gift boxes that are common in life are square. Special-shaped gift boxes are difficult to control for many businesses without special needs. Special-shaped packaging boxes are also very demanding for the factory to a certain extent, they have a special model, first need the cooperation of the film cutting machine, followed by the paper technology, all aspects need to pay attention.

the special-shaped packaging box

What is a special-shaped box? In general, round, pentagon, hexagonal, octagonal and other packaging styles are collectively referred to as shaped boxes. It is a special type of box style. Take a round gift box for the food and cosmetics field, the relative use is still quite a lot.The general gift box manufacturers can not make a round carton, the round carton must be made with a tube reel machine, Then paste again. According to the shape of the production, the round gift box can be made in two ways: flat bottom and curled edge.

Just take out a special-shaped gift box, in the form of its packaging, it has a visual difference from other products. It also has the advantage of different products in the production process. The product packaging should adapt to the acceptance ability of the masses. The overall visual structure is more individualized and packaged.