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Tie Box Design And Demand

Jul 15, 2019

One type of tie clothing is still dominated by male consumers on the market, but it has become more and more in our daily life and will be used in many combinations.

Tie box design and demand

However, compared to the beginning of driving a diversified style of tie, the custom paper box of the tie has always been very rigid, it is difficult to make a deep impression, and even can not match the temperament of the tie itself, the tie box should be simple first Generous, don't be too fancy in color selection. Generally, these ties use relatively graded colors, and the materials and processes should be simple. It can be coated with slabs of gray paper, or art paper ash board, art paper is more textured.

At the same time, there should be a diversified product type. Different adaptation groups have different preferences for different ties and their packaging boxes. How to grasp this is a problem that enterprises should pay attention to. The material of the tie box design is preferably green, which seems to be more in line with the user's behavior and mood. The color color is too bad to always have a bad feeling, which requires us to practice the ecological concept together with the user.

Sometimes the quality of the product is important, but the ingenuity hidden in the product packaging is more likely to impress the consumer's heart. After all, a product that is so worthy of the tie box will not be too bad. The packaging design for the tie is to inject fresh pigment into the single packaging market today, and the unchanging packaging model will eventually be eliminated by this market!