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To Improve Sales Must Be Well Packaged Design

Mar 01, 2018

Packaging design is a design specialty that focuses on product packaging. Often classified under graphic design, but sometimes also fall into the scope of industrial design.

Good packaging design can help product sales, in different products, packaging has different effects. To wine, for example, label design on the bottle, which is a kind of packaging design, as wine cartridges, bags, etc., are also packaging design. The special design of the packaging is that it covers the professional and creative three-dimensional structure. And a lot of use of paper to save costs and weight.


The special feature of China's packaging design is that it has a particularly large number of food packaging categories, similar to those in Japan. Especially cakes, moon cakes and more.

Need to be vigilant in the packaging design is excessive packaging.Manufacturers often use packaging as a tool to create a product image and attract consumers to buy it. However, many people think that manufacturers often become over-packaged, which not only increases manufacturing costs and transfers the costs to consumers, but also causes excessive waste of natural resources and leaves a lot of rubbish to the environment. For example, a Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gift box with a total of 17 layers of packaging, gift packaging materials accounted for 90%, packaging materials weight nine times heavier inside moon cakes, which led to the "is buying moon cakes or buy packaging" question.