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To Leather Merchants: From The Spirit Of The Workers In The Paper Bag Through The Manufacturers Qualification

Mar 05, 2018

To leather merchants: From the spirit of the workers in the paper bag through the manufacturers qualification

With the current capital changes, the hot money back, the impact of some of the domestic market is also relatively large, coupled with the enormous pressure of combating corruption and promoting integrity, many leather merchants in order to survive, had to shrink their profits, reduce costs and other rivals Competition in this environment, the selection can be made to be cost-effective leather paper bag manufacturer has become particularly important because in the field of packaging plants, paper raw materials soaring rapidly in recent years, but also makes the price rise, This makes a lot of leather bags need to handbags made business pressure is very large, businesses do not want to spend more money, do some disproportionate investment, how to pick a qualified leather paper bag manufacturer?

Production workshop must go to visit a lot of details, just in the office is good, also bridge , it is difficult to see the problem, because it is built on the basis of cooperation, but in fact to provide you with a hand bag Is the leather paper bag manufacturer, so it is very important to visit inside the factory to visit the factory inside, visit to pay attention to what is it? The mental state of workers, which seemingly humble details, in fact, is very able to explain the problem, the vast majority of leather paper bag manufacturers on the market are semi-mechanical semi-artificial production process, if it is all artificial unless it is a special structure , Mechanical molding no way to complete, otherwise basically disappeared.

Then again, why is this leather paper bag manufacturer all handmade and mental state is related to it? According to some studies in psychology, if people do such repetitive actions or behaviors for a long time, in addition to damage to the body function, psychologically there will be varying degrees of pathological changes, the most common is obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially this Kind of packaging products, the general order of a few trips from 2000 to more than tens of thousands, especially the domestic demand for leather goods is higher, so the impact will be greater, the amount of heavy tasks, will make the working hours of workers, the mental outlook Well, no matter where to go, coupled with some psychological changes, ask such a manufacturer a few cents a paper bag, you do not dare to use it.

So, the spirit of the face is a very important thing, he can reflect the side charter system of a leather paper bag manufacturers, the quality of paper bags made by workers, there is still a business conscience is still not, although these things are more nimbly, However, it is now in the humanities and social development in the long river has something missing, hoping to be able to get it back, if you want to know more industry information or suitable for the packaging industry, the paper bag for customization, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye Industry Packaging E-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.