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Is It Necessary To Use AI Documents For Color Box Printing?

May 20, 2019

Must I use AI files for color box printing? The AI format file is a vector graphics file. Before asking this question, you first know clearly, what is a bitmap, what is a vector diagram?

Is it necessary to use AI documents for color box printing?

A bitmap is also a picture. It consists of pixels and is magnified. The more blurred, the more blurred, which is not conducive to printing. Another problem is that if the image is not intentionally changed color mode, it will be RGB color. If the RGB color is used for printing, it will change color. After all, the color is different.

The vector graphics can only be generated by software, that is, the images that the designer needs to create. The element objects can be edited, and the image enlargement or reduction does not affect the resolution of the image. The white point is how to enlarge and there is no mosaic or Sawtooth. Because it is originally a graphic created by human software.

There is also a need to pay attention to a bleeding position, that is, leaving the position to the cutting machine, a bit of error, although PS can also be used as a reference line to locate, but the positioning is not accurate.

In general, AI documents of custom paper box may not be used, but the defects are too many.

Vector illustration, the more the advantage is more clear, the positioning is accurate, but remember to make the blood level, the color mode must be CMYK color.