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Want To Be Thick And Pressure-resistant, But Also Want To Take It Easy? Customized Junye Portable Packaging

May 05, 2019

The world's cover box, folding box and book box are the most common box types in our daily life. They have become the reason for the customization of the merchants with their own characteristics. However, these box types have a big disadvantage that it is inconvenient to pick up.Junye Packaging today introduces a portable box that combines the characteristics of a general package with the function of lifting.

The portable packaging box overcomes the problem that the portable paper bag is easily deformed and difficult to fix, and overcomes the disadvantage that the general packaging box custom has no lifting function. Let's see what this custom-made mobile box is.

Pink portable box

pink portable box


Portable box interior design

Portable box interior design


The custom-made hand-held box is a crepe paper, the inner paper is gray paper, and a gift box made with a four-color printing process. The entire box design is simple and durable, without adding complicated elements. The surface is flat and thick, and it is easy to open. In addition, the combination of nylon tow ropes makes the entire package load-bearing.

Junye Packaging is an experienced packaging manufacturer with advanced production equipment and first-class printing technology. It is the first choice for many well-known brands. If you would like to know more about custom packaging, please feel free to contact us.