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Watch Boutique Box Completely Not Afraid Of This 6-color Ink Uneven Problems

Jan 13, 2018

Watch boutique box completely not afraid of this 6-color ink uneven problems

At present, more watch boutique box manufacturers in order to give their customers to provide a perfect good trading experience, so watch custom packaging are box boutique, gift box to the famous, the purpose is to do carton top grade High-end, giving a different from the feeling of other manufacturers of the box, then how to be able to be regarded as fine? In fact, the insights of ink watch boutique box manufacturers also have their own unique ideas, today to share with you some of the reasons for uneven printing ink products, in the end is how to produce. Which of these causes are common and which ones are not so easily found at the moment?

The first point: the rubber roller cylindricity wear is very unhealthy which contains water and ink transfer as well as ink and by the version of ink these shaft head, the bearing shaft wear loss as well as rubber roller skin oxidation and ink transfer capacity insensitive These phenomena.

The second point: string water roller layer off the skin, cylindrical degree of wear and tear unhealthy, the surface has a thin layer of ink deposited on both ends of the plot has accumulated ink ribbon, resulting in uneven motion of the roller string move these phenomena.

The third point: the support by the version of water and ink roller lock, swing bracket, wear and tear will be more serious, resulting in the rubber roller by the version of the beating so that by the pressure is not stable, resulting in uneven ink, the ink uneven, dry version, Ink bars, the old version of these phenomena.

The fourth point: water roller fleece aging or poor quality of the water transfer capacity has become insensitive.

Fifth point: There is no regular check each ink roller and version of the roller and the version of ink roller pressure.

Sixth: If the drum transmission gear loss is not healthy, the same gear and gear occurs the same "gear stick" these phenomena.

These six points is the watch boutique box manufacturers common boutique box will lead to uneven color production process of the factors, if you want to know more about the industry information or cooperation with Junye box manufacturers, you can call Junye packaging online customer service Hotline: +8613826291162, junye023@junyepackaging.com is Junye packing company's e-mail if you have time for your convenience Junye packing will reply to you as soon as possible.