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What Are The Details Of The Box Printing?

Jul 29, 2017

Box (bird's nest box, sea cucumber box, velvet box, etc.) in the design process need to pay attention to what the details? What are the commonly used processes for post-printing? What should you pay special attention to? This is not only the designer needs to always ask the question, for the box printing plant that must also be clear inside the details of the problem.


Early focus on the main material problems, the box in the design process of the main note paper thick problem! Because the material is different, in the latter part of the die-cutting and sticky box will be considered when the collection problem. If the card is not considered the color of the box, there will be inconsistent with the design of the phenomenon.

The late process is very small: mainly paper (tile paper or double paper), film, UV, die-cutting, foil, bronzing (silver) paste box, etc. In addition there is the process of printing the source file processing The details of the above problems, RGB map does not turn CMYK consequences: most of the software (FreeHand, Pagemaker, etc.) will not split the RGB map, if the misuse of the RGB map, out of the color film or only in the black version The part of the other color image is empty, or has an equivalent gray scale on the four color plates.

If you can only get RGB, it must not forget to turn RGB to CYMK before the output. Tip: From the file name or the name of the file, or if you want to scan the CYMK, it is best to scan directly for the four-color file; File icon is difficult to see that RGB or CYMK, one by one open and too much trouble. For the TIFF chart, you can from the layout or imposition software to observe the image of the visual color to make judgments: CYMK TIFF map preview is more vivid and unnatural, RGB is a more natural color. As for the EPS chart, it is difficult to distinguish from the preview, and do not worry in the case can only be checked one by one.

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