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What Are The Factors To Consider When Designing A Chocolate Box?

Jan 07, 2019

“Doff, enjoy the silky slip” is a chocolate advertisement for the streets. The Dove has a solid foundation for the chocolate market. The rich taste and packaging are the fundamental guarantee for the market. Chocolate packaging is especially important for chocolate sales. Volkswagen always tends to pack food when buying food, as is chocolate. So what do you need to consider when designing the box?

We will consider the packaging when buying chocolate. It is not unreasonable for people to dress up, especially when designing chocolate packaging.

What are the factors to consider when designing a chocolate box?

First of all, the design packaging box needs to take into account the appearance, especially the color and shape of the box. A lot of chocolate packaging will be designed in a color similar to chocolate, which not only makes the box well decorated, but also makes people who buy chocolate more curious and enhance their appetite. The color of chocolate is a sign of food. .

Secondly, chocolate packaging design needs to consider the choice of materials, because from the perspective of chocolate purchase, packaging is also a factor affecting the price of the purchase process. At the same time, the packaging also needs to have certain performance properties, including certain sealing and waterproof performance. The packaging of chocolates on the market can be described as a variety of boxes, box-type, bag-type, in the process of packaging design and production, you need to consider the number of chocolates that can be placed and the shape and size of the reference chocolate. The material needs to have good protection properties, and the convenience of the material in the processing process and the cost of use are the key factors to consider.

Finally, the chocolate box design is also considered from the general details, including the ease of processing and the number of boxes required. Many chocolate brands add some basic information to the package, including the chocolate production time, shelf life and the manufacturer's address contact number. From the point of view of the purchase, the packaging design must satisfy the customer's vision.

For chocolate manufacturers, it is especially important to choose a good manufacturer, including the manufacturer's production scale and technical level, market reputation and so on. Manufacturers' choices are inseparable from many details. Perhaps Shanghai Shangyu is the ideal choice for many manufacturers.

Chocolate boxes play a very important role in the sale of chocolate, so there are various factors to consider when designing, including price, appearance, cost, and manufacturing process. Shanghai Shangyu has a professional packaging line and the technology in place, which can meet the choice of different chocolate manufacturers regardless of production or sales.