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Where Is The Advantages Of Watch Bag Bag Factory To Do The Advantages Of Open Pockets

Jan 15, 2018

Where is the advantages of watch bag bag factory to do the advantages of open pockets 

Speaking of beer mouth craft many box manufacturers and watch bag manufacturers are using the knife mold opening operation, but when doing the customization of the box is called slotting, in the process of paper bag processing is called open-end slit bag, but In addition to opening the end of the bag there are many other types of paper bags are due to the craft of this cut after the paste according to the shape of the combination after the name and design, Today Watch Bag Factory to take a look at the bottom of the open slit bag it.

Common open seam bottom bag is multi-layer kraft paper bag, this paper is generally three or more layers of kraft paper bags, kraft paper if the material is the Russian or Canadian white kraft paper, then the kraft paper can be added to the surface layer Film coating, the entire watch bag can give the product a good waterproof performance and smooth surface will give people a kind of high-end feeling will not be too natural elements, and this material is also the paper bag For offset printing and so on.

In addition to the appearance and printing advantages, these paper bags there is the above beer mouth technology, the technology throughout the watch bag manufacturing process plays a key role, a paper bag just forming the most primitive Carton shape is actually a bit similar, but a little different, after the completion of the paper bag is not required to form a fixed shape on the cardboard, and the paper bag due to the reasons for the above-mentioned material properties have a certain strength and hardness, can be independent Molding, the reason why the paper bag can be folded, because the watch bag on both sides of the paper to take the middle of the position using beer craft cut a knife, and then use this slit folded up can greatly reduce the size of the bag Save the cost of storage, in the hands of consumers after the release of the product is also easy to release.

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