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Why Adhesive Cold? What Are The Problems When Customizing The Shirt Hardcover Box?

Jan 15, 2018

Why adhesive cold? What are the problems when customizing the shirt hardcover box?

Before introduced this winter, our country is shrouded in cold air inside, which has a very big impact on the packaging plant, Guangzhou box manufacturers have encountered a workshop will not be encountered in the North, the weather is too cold adhesive, which is The key material to make the custom-made walls of the shirt's hardcover box is that the bonding ability of these adhesives is greatly diminished in the absence of heating, largely because of the vast majority of these materials used in custom packaging cartons Organic polymer, which is not long-winded, this article will come to extend the knowledge of the dry polymer of organic polymers.

As the old apprentice who retweets the words of the teacher, the shirt hardcover box custom process, the adhesive is inevitable must use the material, either soft box or hardcover box are needed, but daily hardcover shirt The adhesive used in the box customization process is a more active polymer. Without any quality problems, the glue can be adjusted up and down at room temperature up to 26 ℃, and the internal polymer can be very good The operation, bonding shirt hardcover box custom-made walls in good condition, not easy to fall apart.

However, when the temperature is too low, the shirt hardcover box custom-made environment, the operation of production, then these adhesives will begin to harden, the hardness enhancement is actually the essence of the polymer inside there is no active movement, and there may be a phenomenon of crystallization, which The polymer movement is also severely restricted. Polymer movement, also known as chain movement, is the essence of the link. If there is no effective chain movement to implement it, the custom-made paper wall connecting the shirt hardcover box is simply delusional.

The above is due to the recent extremely cold weather, so the problems encountered with the adhesive to share with you, I hope you all have a preliminary understanding of the adhesive, but also facilitate the future when you pick cartons plant when there is a side to see the strength Standard, if you want to know more about the industry knowledge or co-operation with the charter chartered shipping boxes can call: +8613826291162, and Junye packing e-mail: info@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible .