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Why Color Box Socks Box Factory Into The Last Yellow Ink

Feb 27, 2018

Why color box socks box factory into the last yellow ink

Today, Junye packaging plant to share with you in the socks box factory to provide gift box made when printing the color sequence is how the same thing, why always yellow as the last on the color, in fact, there is more than just Socks box factory, in fact, many printing plants will have this idea, in fact, the main reason is that there are three, Today, Jun industry packaging just to understand the three reasons in the end what is the reason why you can decide the yellow as the last used colour.

First of all, here refers to the yellow is not a simple yellow, but yellow ink, yellow ink is characterized by excellent transparency, socks box factory to this excellent transparency of the ink color on the final color order fact Is conducive to natural light or white light irradiation into the entire upper and lower ink, so that the whole ink looks bright, glossy, and the bottom of the cold ink will be refracted, quite beautiful.

Second, the function of the yellow ink is very good drying, printing area can also cover a large, the reason why the socks box factory sorted to the last layer of yellow ink because it can prevent if you use the yellow ink earlier caused him to dry a very Rapid crystallization and crystallization of the biggest drawback is the subsequent adhesion will be poor so the final use of yellow ink is to use it to the end of use, and because of his large area, can effectively organize the phenomenon of conjunctival oxidation, socks box factory The yellow ink over other inks, but also to make other ink colors more shiny shine.

Finally, the cost of yellow ink to expensive compared to other inks, so the use of the right amount of use is even more important, socks box factory in the last plus yellow ink can effectively control the effect of yellow ink, the control design recovery is It is important, therefore, to save costs and to better rehabilitate the design is the key factor that Yellow Ink added in the last step.

These are the three major reasons why Junye Packaging today brought about why the socks box factory put the yellow on the final printing in the printing color sequence. If you want to know more about the industry information or cooperate with the Junye packaging factory Gift Box If you do, you can call Junye Packing TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye Packaging Email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.