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Why Do Paper Box Boxes Use Heaven And Earth Boxes?

Apr 08, 2019

Bserving the packaging cartons around us, it is not difficult to find that these boxes are mostly covered with worlds, such as tea boxes, shirt boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, iphone cell phone boxes, etc. Then Junye will tell you why the paper box type uses the heaven and earth  boxes.

Why do paper box boxes use heaven and earth boxes?

Style and application

According to the shape of the "cover", the heaven and earth  box can be divided into a square heaven and earth cover box, a rectangular heaven and earth cover box, a round heaven and earth cover box, a heart-shaped heaven and earth cover box and a special-shaped heaven and earth cover box. A variety of heaven and earth cover boxes are used in all walks of life and have wide adaptability. For example, the round base and lid box is often used for tea packaging, and the heart-shaped heaven and earth cover box is often used to package flowers, chocolates, etc. so that it carry the sweet taste. Rectangular and square heaven and earth cover boxes are the most common.


Manufacturers can achieve fully automatic production by purchasing a fully automatic intelligent world-made box making machine, which is unmatched by other drawer boxes, flip boxes and folding boxes that require "machine + manual" manufacturing. Fully automatic machine production can avoid errors caused by manual operation and greatly improve production efficiency.


Because the cover box type of the world is simpler than the flip box, the folding box, the drawer box, and the like, even the outer cover box type is not complicated. The heaven and earth cover is usually an upper cover, a lower cover, and the upper cover completely or partially wraps the lower cover, which is very convenient to open. At the same size, the cost of making a heavenly cover is often lower than that of other box-type covers.

Load bearing performance

The advantage of the separation of the cover actually greatly improves the load-bearing performance of the package and meets the basic needs of packaging and transportation. In foreign countries, the heaven and earth cover box has a special title - "rigid box". The Chinese meaning of rigid is hard, so you can also see the advantages of the bearing capacity of the heaven and earth cover.

Based on the above points, it is not difficult to understand why the Tiandi cover box has been so popular in the packaging industry for many years. If you have any need for Tiandi cover carton, please contact Junye Packaging. Junye Packaging has 17 years of experience in product packaging customization, which can provide you with the most professional packaging customization service.