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Why The Price Of Some Paper Box Printing Is High And The Other Are Cheap?

Aug 20, 2018

The general process of the traditional custom paper box is mainly composed of the following parts: design fee, proofing fee, plate making fee, printing plate fee, printing fee, material cost used, and the cost of manual production of gift box packaging in the later period. The difference in the price of the same package lies in the difference in materials and processes used.

why the price of some paper box printing is high and the other are cheap?

What materials should be prepared before packaging manufacturing:

1. We usually ask the customer whether we want to design, do not need to design, then directly use his design draft, sample box, size, according to his offer.

2, there is no sample box, we need to design, then you have to prepare the following places

(1) It is necessary to provide a picture with high precision and correct text content.

(2) Product specifications, custom gift box packaging quantity, size, materials used, and crafts.

Color matching:

1. Spot color refers to the printing and processing of copying the original color by using other color inks other than yellow, magenta, cyan, and black ink. In the packaging and printing, the ground color printing process is often used to print a large area of ground color, and the cost is relatively low.

2, four colors means that black, cyan, red, and yellow are arranged according to the size of the cover. In the general situation of the ground, the printing on the machine is also arranged in such a way, the general printed area is distinct, full, the image is realistic, and the price must be high!

Process modification:

1. The design style of the packaging box should be novel, and the layout design should be fashionable and unique.

2. Choose to use special printing processes, such as: printing, laminating, glazing, bronzing, hot silver, uv, etc.;

3, using high-grade printing materials, PVC, wood and other special materials.

There are many steps in the production of any one of the packaging cartons, and there are many details to be aware of. If the product is simply completed, of course, it can only be an ordinary price. If every step of the process is done carefully and done best, the price will naturally go up.